Are you ready to discover the only time management system tailor made for assistants by an assistant?

In this course, you will go from feeling anxious and overwhelmed by your never ending task list to having peace of mind. 

By the end of this program you will learn…


( 1 ) 

How to set up your to-do list using Trello, including how to auto-populate your list with recurring tasks. You will also learn my favorite Trello hacks that will save you time and mental energy.

( 2 ) 

How to effectively prioritize your tasks and projects based on your exec’s (or manager’s) priorities. You will take confidence in knowing you are getting the most important tasks and projects done first!

( 3 )

Scientifically proven strategies for executing on your task list, making you a productive powerhouse. You’ll be an incredibly valuable asset that nobody will want to let go of.

( 4 ) 

How to minimize a variety of distractions (including interruptions from your coworkers) like a champ!

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