If you find yourself at the intersection of "I just need a vacation" and "maybe I actually hate my life" we're patting the seat next to us. This workshop is for you.

The Three Rs of Stress Relief: Reduce, Recharge, Reconnect

Yes Please

You give so much time and energy to your career and executive. Suddenly months go by with no time off.

You notice your mind wanders more easily, miracle solutions aren’t as easy to create, and you're making more mistakes. You're worried your executive and co-workers have noticed, too. 

By the time you get home, you’ve got nothing left for your family, partner, or friends. No more crossfit classes or dinner out. That art project is collecting dust in the garage. Everyone around you seems to be killing it, and you are barely keeping your head above water. 

In this hands on workshop, you will: 


Learn why you should land higher on your priority list


Discover how to harness mind-body connection to eliminate burnout once and for all


Gain tools to develop your own stress relief plan




Elizabeth spent several years as an Executive Assistant, working in New York City. 

Today she is the Founder & Lead Practitioner at Break Thru Burnout, a 100 % virtual practice that uses state of the art in-home testing to find the root cause of fatigue and focus issues, along with many other health challenges.

Elizabeth has a passion for serving Executive Assistants because she knows the unique signature of stress that goes hand-in-hand with that job, and how that stress manifests in the body. She is a dedicated clinician and looks forward to serving this EA community and the EA community at large.


Annie Croner is a career EA and founder of Whole Assistant. Through the avenues of coaching, training, and videos, Annie has made it her mission to eradicate burnout, and help assistants restore joy and purpose to their lives.

Armed with a unique blend of time management and self-care strategies, Annie comes alongside her clients and coaches them through the process of implementing action plans and systems that will eliminate burnout once and for all.

Your job is insanely hard, and nobody who hasn’t done it understands.

But we do. We’ve both been there.

We know what you are dealing with even though no one else at the office or in your friend group gets it. If you give us an hour of your time, we promise to make it one of the most valuable hours you’ve spent all year.

The Three Rs to Stress Relief: Reduce, Recharge, Reconnect

Yes Please

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