About Whole Assistant...

Hi, I'm Annie Croner

I know what it's like to put in a stressful day of work and still feel like you aren't having an impact.

I've got a secret...

You don't have to sacrifice your values, personal time, or well-being in order to achieve high levels of success and create a career (and life) you love. 

I show executive assistants (like you) how to show up more strategically and garner the respect of their executives, colleagues, and key stakeholders without sacrificing their mental health and well-being. 

You deserve to land higher on your own priority list. 

Why Annie?

I've worked for over 20+ years as an assistant for boutique companies across multiple industries including accounting, marketing, nonprofit, private wealth management, and venture capital.

Working in a variety of settings has led to a diverse understanding of the executive assistant role and the many challenges that often come with it. 

I have been where you are.

There is no other role on the planet quite like the role of executive assistant, and nobody "gets it" like another assistant.

I'm also a certified coach, which means I'm trained to point out the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from your highest potential.

The coaching process...

I don't believe in bandaid fixes. We will get at the root of the issue so your transformation is concrete and lasting.

Here's a snapshot of the coaching process...

  1. Success looks different for everyone. I like to start by getting clear on your values so you can make decisions that feel true to you.
  2. We will set clear goals for our time together so you can track your transformation.
  3. From there, we will work on boots-on-the-ground strategies & mindset shifts that will help you show up at a level you never thought possible.

I offer a confidential and unbiased space for you to discuss hopes and challenges.


Show up more strategically in your role, and gain clarity on your executive's priorities.