My "Why" for Starting Whole Assistant

I’ve been an assistant for nearly 18 years and have learned a thing or two about how to find and keep a job you love. I’ve also fine-tuned my processes for effectively supporting my executive and the many aspects of his life and have implemented strategies that help me stay organized and operate at peak productivity. I certainly hustle and work hard on a consistent basis however my life is largely filled with peace and joy. A big part of this is due to how much I love my job.

It hasn’t always been this way! I’ve had my fair share of awful bosses and terrible low paying jobs where I worked 60+ hours/week. I’ve been belittled, yelled at in front of colleagues, and told I wasn’t worth what the company was paying me.

I started this website and blog because I want you to avoid the many mistakes I’ve made in my career. I also want to empower you to create a life and career you love!

The Unique Challenges of an Assistant

Assistants wear many hats: gatekeeper, office manager, proxy, bookkeeper, babysitter, chauffeur, database manager, researcher, professional organizer, party planner, facilitator, tech support, and travel agent to name a few.

The assistant role is messy in a way only assistants understand.

If you’re an assistant then I’m sure, like me, you’ve had the experience of telling someone who isn’t an assistant about a “typical” workday and the wide variety of tasks you performed. Their response? “You did what?” Most of the time I enjoy this response, but sometimes I just need to talk to someone who, “gets it.” You all know what I mean! That feeling of solidarity with someone else who has been there and knows what you’re going through?  


On a recent trip to Starbucks I came across this sign. 

Two things struck me when I saw this:

We all have the power to encourage someone (even strangers) with a few kind words.
We can pick the words we need most in the moment and adopt them as ours.

Whole Assistant was founded for just this purpose, to encourage and embolden assistants to live their best lives. Please, take what you need! Give when you can.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband Jose, stepson Alex, father in law (affectionately known as Abuelo), and our floppy golden-doodle Milo.

When I’m not assisting or blogging I enjoy tango and salsa dancing, running, skiing, green smoothies, and indulging in coffee “Annie style” (with a cookie).

I love happy hour! It’s one of my favorite things. I think it’s the friends+booze combo that has me hooked, and the nachos… I love nachos!


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