I help assistants learn how to add value at the highest level while being free from overwhelm & burnout. If this resonates, you have come to the right place!

Hi there, I'm Annie.

I'm the founder and CEO of Whole Assistant.

I do things differently.

I don't believe you have to sacrifice your values, personal time, or well-being in order to achieve high levels of success and have a career you love. I show executive assistants exactly how to set healthy parameters around their time and energy.

Working with me leads to decreased stress & overwhelm while increasing your ability to show up strategically and improve your overall value add. 

I've worked for over 20+ years as an assistant for boutique companies across multiple industries including accounting, marketing, nonprofit, private wealth management, and venture capital. Working in a variety of settings has led to a diverse understanding of the assistant role and the many challenges that often come with it. 

Click here to hear my personal story of burnout.





When I’m not coaching, training, or podcasting I enjoy Latin dancing, running, and green smoothies.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband Jose and our 3 boys, Alex, Sammy, & Oliver.

I love happy hour! It’s one of my favorite things. I think it’s the friends+booze combo that has me hooked, and the nachos… I love nachos!

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