upleveling Jan 23, 2020

Have you avoided networking for fear of coming across fake or disingenuine? In this month’s Resource Corner interview, I sit down with Melissa Mosher of to discuss how to network without that icky fake feeling. 

How to Network Without Being Fake

Melissa is one of those people whose online presence is everywhere, which has resulted in a large online network. I love to watch her do her thing especially in the online assistants-only groups we have in common. She always offers a lot of value and her perspective is often fresh and unique.

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upleveling Jan 16, 2020

I have a confession to make, networking is not my strength. I’m a very social person and I love making friends but for whatever reason when it comes to “networking” I get a knot in my throat and a churning feeling in the pit of my stomach. If you’re in the same boat then buckle up my friend! We’re about to go on this journey together. 

Why Bother Networking?

Why is networking so important anyway? 

As assistants our network is vital. We are constantly faced with unique challenges and situations most of the workforce doesn’t have to deal with. What helps with these challenges? Having a network of other professionals with a wide variety of experience and expertise. 

Check out this video where I’ll break down why I’ve made networking a priority in 2020 and why I’m encouraging you to do the same.

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Check out the Transcription:

Have you ever asked yourself, why bother networking? Well, stay tuned because we're going to...

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upleveling Oct 16, 2018

What does it take to be a kickass assistant? The truth is it takes a lot of things! Our job descriptions are as varied as the executives and organizations we work for and yet there are qualities we can bring awareness to and develop which will be universally beneficial. Today I’m going to flush out three qualities which often go unrecognized, but are no less important.

3 Often Overlooked Qualities of a Kickass Assistant

Kickass assistants show up on time and are fully present

As kickass assistants, we show up for the things we care about both physically and mentally. We invest time and energy and show our dedication by being fully present and 100% invested in the task at hand. Yes, from time to time we will have “off” days, but they are few and far between.

In college, I had a professor by the name of Eric Forsythe. I will never forget Eric’s speech during our small department graduation, in which he said, “There are only two things you absolutely need to know in order to be successful. The first thing...

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upleveling Oct 09, 2018

One lazy afternoon a couple of years ago I was flipping through channels when I came across the 2010 version of Alice In Wonderland. Alice who had forgotten she’d been in wonderland before, was having a discussion with the Mad Hatter when he made an observation, “You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness.” I love this quote and it has always stuck with me.

Why Grit is a Crucial Quality for Assistants

What I believe the Mad Hatter was referring to was Alice’s loss of grit, or her unique combination of resilience, courage, and perseverance. As assistants, possessing grit is important because new problems and challenges are constantly being pushed our way. Without “muchness” we won’t get very far in providing creative solutions... 

What is grit?

Often the most successful people are those who never give up. My parents, who started an advertising agency when I was in high school had no formal training. What they did have was a lot of on the job training and...

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upleveling Oct 02, 2018

Throughout my career, I’ve been a part of transitions and situations in which adaptability was key. I’ve been on staff at a company that has gone through a merge and survived working for a nonprofit that had a 100% change in leadership. In one position I had a fantastic boss who unexpectedly left, effectively leaving me out of a job. Believe me when I say that adaptability is key if we want to maintain our sanity and have a successful career as assistants.

Why Increased Adaptability Will Make You a Better Assistant

Not everyone can be an assistant. It takes a person with a unique balance of boundaries and adaptability coupled with structure and flexibility to be able to do what we do. We must always be aware of what’s going on, “in the weeds,” while not losing sight of the larger picture. In other words, we must intuitively adapt to any situation at a moment’s notice.   

Benefits of adaptability

The benefits of adaptability are numerous. In our day to day lives as assistants, we are faced...

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