upleveling Jan 16, 2020

I have a confession to make, networking is not my strength. I’m a very social person and I love making friends but for whatever reason when it comes to “networking” I get a knot in my throat and a churning feeling in the pit of my stomach. If you’re in the same boat then buckle up my friend! We’re about to go on this journey together. 

Why Bother Networking?

Why is networking so important anyway? 

As assistants our network is vital. We are constantly faced with unique challenges and situations most of the workforce doesn’t have to deal with. What helps with these challenges? Having a network of other professionals with a wide variety of experience and expertise. 

Check out this video where I’ll break down why I’ve made networking a priority in 2020 and why I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Check out the Video:

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Have you ever asked yourself, why bother networking? Well, stay tuned because we're going to answer that very question.

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What is the big deal with networking anyway? Well, by the end of this video, you'll walk away with three reasons why networking can be crucial for your career as an assistant.

Networking allows for three things. The first thing is the exchange of ideas. I love this one because as an assistant, I can't know all the things all the time. But I know that my friend Sally, who's also an assistant, she may know some things that I don't know and I may know some things that she doesn't know, so we can get together and exchange ideas. This is crucial for us as assistants because, as you know, we're constantly running up against challenges that most people don't face in their day to day lives.

Now the second thing that networking allows for is deeper relationships and friendships. This has been very true in my life. Most of my closest friends, I have worked with at one time or another. They have been fellow assistants or fellow administrative professionals. That is another great benefit of networking is that you actually develop really strong friendships and really great connections with people. It can be so authentic and so much fun. I know some of us fear networking because it makes us come off... or we feel fake when we do it, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can actually develop really strong, awesome, amazing friendships.

Now if you've got a one of a kind friendship or relationship that developed through work or through your network, I want to hear about it. Please leave a comment in the section below, sharing your story.

Now the third thing that networking allows for is increased opportunities. Opportunities like speaking engagements, being seen as an expert in your fields, and job offers, guys. You can actually get job offers from just being more visible. This totally makes sense because when you put yourself out there, people are more aware of you.

To review, networking allows for three things: exchanging of ideas, friendships and relationships, and increased opportunities. If you want to kick your career as an assistant to the next level, be sure to grab your copy of my free guide, 4 Secrets of a Kickass Assistant. The link is below. If you'd like to start networking with your fellow assistants, head on over to facebook.com/groups/WholeAssistant and join our assistant only community. If you liked this video, please be sure to hit the like button and subscribe. Also, be sure to share it with your fellow assistants and administrative professionals. Last but not least, if this video has helped you, please be sure to leave a comment below sharing how. Okay, guys, I will talk with you next week.

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