Want to Free Up Brain Power? Try Batching


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If you're tired of feeling mentally drained and exhausted, you're going to want to stay tuned for this episode. I'm about to share with you a simple tactic that will result in more brainpower and energy throughout your day.

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I'm Annie of wholeassitant.com. On today's episode of The Whole Assistant Show, I'm going to share with you my favorite strategy to reduce mental fatigue and increase brain power. That strategy is batching. For those of you not familiar with batching, all batching is, is grouping similar tasks together. In my personal life, this looks like creating a whole bunch of freezer meals to throw in the Crock-Pot. I will spend one day, one weekend a month, or one weekend every other month, creating all these meals to just throw in the Crock-Pot so I don't have to worry about preparing meals at the end of my day.

In my work life, this can look anything like grouping emails together and scheduling items together, or maybe accounts payable items together, or anything like that. That is what batching is. It's really excellent in reducing mental fatigue.

If you already use batching, I want to hear about it. So please leave a comment below sharing how. Maybe it's in your personal life. Maybe it's with your children. Maybe it's with your work life. I want to know. So please leave a comment below.

Another excellent benefit to batching is that it promotes a state of focus and flow. When we're in flow, we're just not even conscious of ourselves. We can just move through our tasks seamlessly and effectively. One example of flow, of a state of flow, that I hit in my life that's a really fun state of flow is when I'm social dancing. I like to dance tango, and sometimes it's like I'm meditating with another person. I'm not even aware, or my brain isn't really even working, I am just in that state of flow and focus on the dance and on the movement. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing to achieve.

I've achieved flow in work, but it's hard to achieve flow with your work when you're switching between vastly different tasks. I know this simple strategy sounds too good to be true, but I challenge you to go through your week and ask yourself, what can be batched together? What similar tasks can I group together? What tasks can I wait to do with another task that will be similar to it? And report back. Leave a comment below, or pop me an email at [email protected] and let me know how it goes.

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