The Biggest Gift You Can Give Your Exec, Your Coworkers, & Yourself

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Have you ever found yourself mistakenly entangled in someone else's turmoil? Stay tuned. I'm about to share a simple strategy for staying out of other people's drama.

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I'm Annie Croner of And on today's episodes of the Whole Assistant Show, I'll be sharing a graceful strategy that has proven effective in staying out of other people's drama. I had a breakthrough a few months back, and this strategy has proven very helpful for me and I'm really excited to share it with you today.

So a couple of months ago, I had this revelation about relationships and I think COVID has brought out a lot of what we are all struggling with and this was really revolutionary for me in my personal relationships.

I had this realization that I didn't have to take on other people's thoughts or drama or I could let them keep those things. This happened in the middle of a relationship, of course obviously, I had this realization. I was being accused of something that I didn't feel was true of me, but instead of trying to reason away whatever I was being accused of, I just listened. I took it all in and I decided not to own any more of it than what was mine to own. I also decided not to try and talk my friend out of what they were feeling as well.

And through this process, I realized that I think we could all use a pep talk in this area. I think as assistants, we tend to take on more than what is ours. We tend to want to own things that are not ours to own, including other people's thoughts and feelings.

And by allowing my friend to keep her feelings and to keep her thoughts, I was showing her unconditional love. I loved her through that entire experience. That was really powerful for me to see and realize, that I don't have to fully understand what she's going through in order to be there as a friend and be there and listen.

Another thing that I have realized too, is that allowing her to keep her thoughts and her drama and her respect, and not trying to reason her out of how she was feeling, I was also showing myself self-love, in that instance. It can be really powerful as well for you not to take on more than what is yours to own. And I found that process really powerful. And so I just wanted to share that with you guys.

I think oftentimes we can get wrapped up in other people's drama instead of being like, "Okay, well, that's your thoughts and that's your emotions and I totally respect that. I don't have to fully understand that in order to be here and to love and support you." Even when those thoughts are geared towards you, even when those thoughts are about you, we don't have to reason other people out of their thoughts.

Actually letting them keep their drama is one of the greatest gifts of unconditional love and respect you can show them, as well as show yourself, because we don't have to ingest all of that either. It was just a really powerful experience and ever since then, I have been practicing this method of just allowing other people to feel what they feel and not talking them out of it. It has proven really beneficial for me.

So now I want to hear from you. Have you ever unintentionally owned someone's thoughts or feelings? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

So to review, the greatest gift of unconditional love you can give your friend is to allow them to keep their drama and their thoughts and their emotions. And the greatest gift of unconditional love you can give yourself is to allow your friends and colleagues and coworkers, and executives to keep their thoughts and feelings and drama, as well.

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