Take Control of Your Life by Choosing Your Thoughts


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 Do you ever feel pushed around by your circumstances? If you answered yes, then you're going to want to stay tuned for this episode. I'm about to share one surprising mindset shift that will have you feeling more empowered and more in control of your life. Assistants, if you would like more self-care and productivity strategies geared towards you, please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when my weekly videos go live.

I'm Annie Croner, of wholeassistant.com, and in last week's episode, we discussed how to create mindfulness when it comes to our thought life and our thinking. If you missed that episode, I strongly suggest that you go back and watch it before watching this one. In today's episode, we're going to discuss how to change your thoughts so you can take back control of your life and not feel victim to your circumstances.

Our thoughts steer everything, from how we feel moment to moment, to how we show up in the world. This is why two people with the exact same background, exact same demographic, exact same boss, exact same position, can have two completely different experiences. It's all about how they're thinking about it. Now, thoughts are choices, and this is actually great news for us because we can actually choose more helpful thoughts to get us through our day and to help us in our life. Having this understanding can be very empowering because it means we're no longer a victim of our circumstances because we can manage our thoughts around those circumstances to be more beneficial and to actually provide the outcomes that we want. And so in this way, we can take back our power and actually make choices that serve us.

Now, I want to hear from you. What's one thought you'll choose in order to improve your life? Please leave a comment below.

So how do we put this idea of choosing our thoughts into practice? The first step is to really get clear on how you want to show up. Now, deciding how we want to show up is going to take a level of honesty that probably will stretch us a little bit. And that's a great thing. I don't always want to show up rainbows and gumdrops. Sometimes I want to be a little sassy or a little indignant. So just be mindful of that as you go through your day and as you are trying to decide how you want to show up.

The second step is to just start replacing that old thought that you don't want to think anymore with a new thought. Now there may be some cognitive dissonance as you start this process, and you may have to think maybe not the ultimate thought, but maybe a thought that's closer to that thought in order for it to be believable for you. And that's okay. The point is to actually be mindful of what you're thinking and to choose your thoughts and choose them wisely, and choose thoughts that will actually serve you and your long-term goals.

Hopefully, this episode has given you some good food for thought when it comes to managing your mind and choosing your thoughts. If you're interested in avoiding burnout and developing better self-care strategies, please check out my free mini masterclass, Three Steps to Beautifully Banish Burnout. The link is below. To continue this discussion and receive support from your fellow assistants and administrative professionals, please head on over to facebook.com/groups/wholeassistant to join our assistants only community. If you like this episode, please let me know by hitting the like button below. Also, be sure to subscribe and share this video with your fellow assistants and administrative professionals. And last but not least, if this video has helped you in some way, I want to know about it, so please leave a comment below, sharing how.


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