office dynamics Oct 31, 2019

Have you ever heard of listening intelligence (LI)? Neither had I, which is actually surprising given all the buzz around emotional intelligence. In today’s Resource Corner post with Dave Momper of, we dive into the ins and outs of what listening intelligence is and how listening intelligence can help us become more adaptable and overall better assistants. 

The premise of listening intelligence is that we all listen in specific ways and for certain types of information. By becoming aware of how we listen, as well as how those around us listen, we can become more adaptable. Understanding how our executive listens for information, as well as how we listen for information, is vital to our success as assistants. 

I had the privilege of taking Dave’s LI assessment (known as the ECHO assessment) and I was surprised by my results. If you’re interested in what my results were then you’ll have to watch this video:

Check out the Video:

Dave is so generous and he’s offering this assessment plus two coaching sessions for $200 off his normal price of $450. That’s $250 for the assessment & 2 coaching sessions!  Click here to take advantage of this special offer available only to members of the WA community. Something tells me it just may be the best $200 you’ll ever spend.

More about Dave:

Dave Momper is the founder of Thrival Concepts, a leadership consulting firm that helps executive-level leaders to approach the act of listening as a strategic business function so that they can build conscious growth-minded cultures, and high-performing teams fueled by intentional, authentic communication. Dave accomplishes this by showing leaders the cognitive listening habits we each have, and providing a unique leadership-communication framework that prompts a transformation of awareness, action, and performance. 

Dave is also the host and executive producer of CreativeMornings/Denver, which is one of over 207 chapters around the world that produces a free monthly breakfast speaker series on creativity.  

His passion for leadership, creativity, life-long learning, and community fuels his personal and professional endeavors. Dave has lived in Colorado for over 30 years and when he's not working with clients he's usually up in the high-country savoring the woods and the mountains!

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