For this month’s Resource Corner I had the privilege of sitting down with Al-Husein Madhany, a self-proclaimed “Impact Junkie”, to discuss a topic that often goes undiscussed in our industry: getting paid what you’re worth.

If I were a gambling gal, I’d venture a guess that a lot of executive assistants and administrative professionals don’t feel their salaries reflect the value they consistently add to their executives and organizations. I know I’ve certainly felt this way in the past!  

Resource Corner: Interview with Al-Husein Madhany

Al-Husein is a pro at coaching his clients on how to articulate the value they bring to their executives, along with helping them unlock the confidence needed in order to actually ask for what they’re worth. Having walked many people through his process, it’s not uncommon for his clients to see real results, often bringing an increase in salary between $10,000 and $25,000.

In addition to his 1:1 coaching, Al-Husein is also working on a collaboration with a couple of other big names in our industry… a collaboration that has the potential to change your career and life for the better. This is the first (and perhaps only) time that these big names will be sharing the stage and their strategies for increasing impact and salaries. You’ll definitely want to check out this video to hear how this collaboration came to be and the details of how to attend.

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What I loved most in talking with Al-Husein was his passion for bringing change and impacting those within his rapidly expanding sphere of influence. A sphere that includes executives and assistants alike. His perspective is both refreshing and challenging as it requires us to step outside our comfort zones.

More about Al-Husein:

Al-Husein loves people and their stories.

He helps you tell your story, rediscover your passion, negotiate your worth, and unlock your hidden superpowers to fulfill your greatest human potential.

Since 2016, Al-Husein Madhany has served as an Executive Assistant Coach & Senior Consultant at The Duncan Group, founded by Melba J. Duncan.

He regularly keynotes around the world inspiring and motivating administrative support professionals and their teams. Prior to coaching, training, and keynoting, Al-Husein was Chief of Staff to the PayPal CHRO and Chief Chaos Tamer to the Facebook CIO.

He currently serves as one of five Global Ambassadors to the 2018 World Administrators Summit and sits on the advisory board of C-Suite Executive Support Professionals. In 2016, Al-Husein was awarded Best Executive Assistant in Silicon Valley, by the Admin Awards.

When you work with Al-Husein your first impression is that Al-Husein loves people and their stories and that he is a natural storyteller. Al-Husein is, in fact, a Peabody & Emmy-nominated, award-winning film producer (, published author, and was a professor at Georgetown University. So it is no surprise that Al-Husein is most comfortable when he is imparting wisdom in front of an audience.

Al-Husein is a self-professed Impact Junkie, and in his free time thrives on working outside of his comfort zone with CEOs of tech startups in Silicon Valley.

Al-Husein holds Master's degrees from Harvard, Georgetown, and the University of Chicago, as well as a certificate in Business Administration from the Berkeley Haas School of Business.

You can connect with Al-Husein @

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