organization Aug 21, 2018

I'm really excited about today's topic and there may or may not be a freebie included.(!!!)Today we are continuing the theme of getting organized by delving into how to organize our desktops. This is one of those things that I’ve been meaning to get to forever now, but haven’t been able to prioritize because of the many other things on my plate. If you haven't read my post on How to Organize Anything, I suggest you read this first as will likely add context to the method used when organizing our desktops.  My boss is currently out of town on vacation so now is the time! 

Step #1 of the 5 step process to organize anything (see this post) is done. I’ve found and created time, and have set an hour parameter to complete the project.

How to Have a Beautifully Organized Desktop

Here is a “before” picture of my desktop. Yuck! I haven’t even taken the time to change the default desktop image.

Desktop before.jpg

Step #2 in my 5 step process of organizing is to get rid of everything I no longer need or won’t use. Here’s what my desktop looked like after this step:

Desktop .jpeg

Sigh.... already so much better! Admittedly, I couldn't help myself. I HAD to straighten things out as I got rid of documents I no longer needed. That's okay! This will only make things easier in the next step. 

Step #3 is to group like items together and step #4 is to create a place for everything. Unlike organizing physical items, these steps are essentially the same when it comes to organizing your desktop. You may need to make a few extra files or consolidate files before you group them together. Make sure the files you have on your desktop are those that you will frequently reference and use. 

Here’s where it gets fun! I’ve created a desktop wallpaper with areas for each type of file. Whaaaa?! I know! 

Desktop Wallpaper

Call me a total nerd but this makes my heart happy. Everything is easy to find and has a place. I can find everything I need immediately.

Step #5 in our organizing process is to create a system for maintenance. Whenever you bring or download a document to your desktop it generally lands in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (at least for me).

How to use your desktop wallpaper

Regardless of where the document or file lands it will likely look out of place, which is a good thing! You want to drag it across the screen to your "In Process" or "To File" areas. I like this process because I can tell at a glance what needs to be addressed. I would suggest you keep your "To File" section as uncrowded as possible. 

Here’s the deal guys: I want to help you uplevel your desktop organization as well so I’m giving you this wallpaper for free! Not only that, but I’ve created 2 other similar wallpapers as well because of choices! Fill out the form below to gain access to my file of free wallpaper downloads. 


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