organization Mar 20, 2019

I have a confession to make, I have an obsession with television shows based around transformation. Queer Eye and Tidying Up are my jam and don’t even get me started on Fixer Upper! There’s something about turning the drab into fab or that cluttered mess into a functional space that speaks to me.

Game of Admins

All of these shows got me thinking, “I wonder if there’s a way for us administrative professionals and executive assistants to experience a transformation of our own? Is there a way in which we can come together as a community in order to inspire each other?”

It is with this intention that Game of Admins was born and it is going to be epic! Here’s what to expect:

There will be 3 challenges presented over the course of a week. With the delivery of each challenge you will also receive a valuable freebie from me that will potentially help you with that challenge.

You will submit before and after pictures of your transformation and there will be prizes given in 3 categories:

  1. Best/greatest overall transformation

  2. Most creative or beautiful solution

  3. Best no transformation needed. I included this category because there are many kickass EAs and AAs who already have a beautiful and functional workspace, and their hard work should be acknowledged too!

That’s 9 prizes! Woohoo!

You will have until Friday, April 5th to complete the three challenges & submit your photos.

To submit your photos please send them to or post to Instagram with #GameOfAdmins.

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