Embrace the Power of a Growth Mindset


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Do you ever feel stuck in your work or personal life? If you answered yes to this question, stay tuned. I'm going to be sharing with you one reason you might be feeling this way and what to do about it. Assistants, if you would like more self-care and productivity strategies geared towards you, please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when my weekly videos go live.

I'm Annie Croner of wholeassistant.com. And on this season of the Whole Assistant Show, I'm going to be sharing with you simple mindset shifts that can have a big impact on your life and work. In this episode of the Whole Assistant Show, I'm going to be helping you get unstuck by sharing the benefits of, and strategies for developing a growth mindset.

I'm going to start off by sharing the qualities of someone with a growth mindset. The first quality of someone with a growth mindset is that they are okay being wrong. This is important because we can't grow if we're always right. If we are always right, and there's no room for exploring other options or other ways of thinking, there's really no room for growth. So someone with a growth mindset, okay with being wrong.

Second of all, they're also okay failing because they realize that it's through failure, that they will achieve success and growth. This is an amazing quality to have for this reason. And they also realize that failure is not a bad thing. That they can grow with failure and that, that's actually an excellent thing.

Another quality that they have is an insatiable curiosity, rather, to meet the next best version of themselves. They are so curious about that next best version of themselves that they're okay doing whatever it takes to get there. And they're okay to fail to get there or to be wrong to get there. Whatever it takes, they just want to meet that next best version of themselves.

And then they also take radical responsibility for their life, their choices, their failures, everything. Because they're so willing to grow and they're so eager to grow, they're okay taking responsibility for all of it. The good and the bad. Now I want to hear from you, what are some other qualities of a growth mindset? If something comes to mind, please leave a comment below.

Now there are a couple of great benefits of developing a growth mindset. So in addition to feeling fearless or not experiencing fear in the same way or failure in the same way, you can also learn to trust yourself and trust that you will come up with your own solution to your problems.

And this is a great thing because if you're willing to make mistakes and if you're willing to try different things and think outside the box and put yourself out there for growth, then most likely you're going to come across something that's going to work eventually. And this is a really great way to learn to trust yourself and to trust your own instincts and to trust that you have your own solutions and have your own back.

The second benefit of developing a growth mindset is that you become unstuck because you're no longer a victim of your circumstances. I love this. I love this idea that we can create our own solutions and that we are no longer living at the effect of our circumstances. The next question then becomes, how do we develop more of a growth mindset in our lives and throughout our day-to-day?

And I've got two key tips for you. The first one is to make discomfort your best friend. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and putting yourself out there and trying new things. And this is one great way to develop a growth mindset, you just embrace the discomfort of it all.

The second tip I have for you is to always seek to improve, which takes being honest with yourself. And it also takes a level of self-love and self-compassion for when we make those mistakes along our path and along our growth journey. Now it's time to hear from you. What steps will you take to develop a growth mindset? Please leave a comment below. If you're interested in avoiding burnout and developing better self-care strategies, please check out my free mini masterclass, Three Steps to Beautifully Banished Burnout. The link is below.

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