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Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Stay tuned for the many amazing benefits of gratitude, as well as how to incorporate gratitude into your daily life.

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I'm Annie Croner of And on this season of the Whole Assistant Show, we've been exploring simple mindset shifts that can have a lasting impact on our lives and our careers. In today's episode, I'm going to be sharing all about gratitude and the amazing benefits of gratitude, as well as how we can incorporate more gratitude in our daily lives.

The first benefit of cultivating gratitude in your life is that it will help you be happier and more content overall. So when we are constantly on the lookout for the next thing to be grateful for, we automatically show up for life from a more positive place. This is a great thing, not only for others but for yourself as well and for your sense of well-being.

The second thing that cultivating gratitude does for us is that it reduces the need to chase the next thing. If we're grateful for what we already have, then we can be really mindful about what else we choose to bring into our lives, and we don't have to have a lot of stuff to fill up our day and to fill up our lives. And so I love gratitude for this reason because it actually makes me grateful for what I already have, and I don't have to chase the next thing.

And finally, expressing gratitude to our friends, our families, and our co-workers can really strengthen those relationships, and it can bring to light how grateful you are for them and it can reiterate that in your brain, but it can also be very affirming to that person.

What other benefits of gratitude have you noticed for yourself? Please share in the comment section below.

So how do we incorporate more gratitude into our daily lives? The first thing I would encourage us all to do that is super, super fun, I enjoy doing this myself, is that I practice wanting what I already have, like actively wanting it. So I've been wanting a new car forever. I finally got the car that I wanted, and I actively practice wanting it. Every time I get in the car, I'm like, "Oh, this is such a great experience to drive this car. I want this car so badly," and it's so much fun to actively want my car, even though I already have it. And I try and do this with my husband as well. Like I actively want my husband. I want to be married to him. I want to partner with him. And it's so much fun, actively wanting what you already have.

And the second tip I have for you all is to keep a gratitude journal. So go through your day and really think about what you're going to write in the journal at the end of the day. And I like to do this practice in the evening because I like to look for things throughout my day to write in the journal. And I aim for 10 entries. I'll just number them and list them, and I will write 10 things I'm grateful for throughout the day. And what's really fun about that is that you'll be more mindful of things.

So I nearly got hit the other day. My car nearly got hit the other day, but it didn't, and that was one thing that I could write in my journal that night. Like, "Hey, I'm so grateful I didn't get hit by that car." So it's a lot of fun to actually keep an eye out for those things that you're grateful for as you move throughout your day so you can write them in your journal.

And then my last tip is that we want to express genuine gratitude for those around you. So you want to be actively looking for and expressing, being mindfully expressing gratitude for those around you. If your co-worker or colleague does something to help you out, make sure to express that gratitude to them.

Now that you know some benefits of developing an attitude of gratitude as well as some strategies for how to get there, now I want to hear from you. What would you do to develop more gratitude in your day-to-day life?

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