organization productivity Apr 08, 2019

First of all, I would like to thank the nearly 200 administrative professionals who participated in the first round of Game of Admins. It was such a joy getting to see the transformations of those of you who submitted your photos for the competition.

Whether you decided to compete or just decided to invest in yourself by creating an optimized workspace that you love, I commend you!

Announcing GOA Winners

This challenge was about progress, not perfection. If you made progress then you’re a winner in my book.

That said… please check out these winning photos for all 3 mini-challenges. 3 prizes were given for each mini-challenge:

  • $25 gift card to Amazon

  • $25 gift card to Starbucks

  • Lifetime access to my upcoming course, Ultimate Time Management for Assistants (UTMA) - $197 value!

Here were the criteria for judging:

  1. Biggest transformation

  2. Most creative and/or beautiful solution

  3. Best already organized. (This category is for all of those badass assistants out there who already have a solution that works for them and don’t mind sharing it.)

Before we get to the BIG announcement of winners I’d like to take a second to acknowledge our amazing judges:



Category: Desktop

Freebie: A variety of organizing wallpaper choices

Biggest transformation: Jodi Baker

biggest transformation

Most creative and/or beautiful solution: Diana Rogers

most creative and/or beautiful solution

Best already organized: Jennifer Turner

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 3.37.50 PM.png

Category: File or File Related. I encouraged everyone to reimagine their ‘quick file’ system.

Freebie: Quick Grab File Freebie

Biggest transformation: Jodi Baker

Biggest Transformation
Biggest Transformation

Best already organized: Beth Merrick


Category: Workspace Optimization & Beautification Challenge

Freebie: Define Your Workspace Style Quiz

Biggest transformation: Jodi Baker

biggest transformation
biggest transformation

Best already organized: Helena Martins

best already organized
Thanks again for making GoA: Organization is Coming, a fun and successful challenge!

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