3 Strategies To Regain Your Confidence

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Has your confidence ever taken a hard hit? Well, stay tuned. I'm about to share with you three strategies that will help boost your confidence. Assistants, if you would like more transformational strategies geared towards you, please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when my weekly episodes go live. I'm Annie Croner of wholeassistant.com. On this season of the Whole Assistant Show, I'm breaking down myths that are holding us back from living our best lives and having careers we love.

In today's episode, we're looking at confidence, and I'll be sharing with you the one underlying belief that is keeping us from achieving confidence in our lives and in our careers. The number one belief that is holding you back from confidence is the underlying belief that confidence comes from outside of ourselves. Back in 2012, when I had the stroke ... And if you are unaware that I had a stroke, you may check out Episode One of a Whole Assistant Show. I break it down and tell my story. But I became really kind of insecure. I became insecure because I let what other people said about me get to me.

I had a stroke at the office, and my boss told me that I wasn't worth what the company was paying me. She withheld my bonus and she demoted me all in one fell swoop upon returning to work post-stroke. Now, my big mistake there was actually listening to that, and ingesting it, and letting it determine my self-worth and my self-confidence. This is the number one challenge that I see us as assistants come up against is that we tend to really rely on what other people tell us for our self-worth and our confidence. But we don't have to, guys. We can rely on ourselves for that information. Ultimately, I did. Ultimately, I left that job, because I knew I was worth so much more than how I was being treated. Now I want to hear from you. Has your confidence ever been shaken? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

Here are my three strategies for boosting your confidence. The first strategy is to improve your self-talk. Treat yourself like you would your best friend. Make sure that you're being conscious of how you talk to yourself. Are you beating yourself up on a regular basis, or are you really cheering yourself on? I catch myself doing this. I've made this commitment to myself to talk to myself like I would my best friend, so to offer real advice, but be truthful and honest with myself. This alone has improved my confidence because I now know that I've got my own back. Just be aware of how you're talking to yourself.

The second strategy is to get clear of the confidence level that you want to live from and then live from the place having already achieved it. Instead of looking to the past for our confidence, we're going to look to the future. We're going to look to our future selves, and we're just going to really embrace how we want to live our lives. Getting clear on the confidence level that we want to have and how we want to show up is the first step in doing this. Get really clear on the confidence level you want to have, and then live from that place of having already achieved it. Now, you probably will experience some cognitive dissonance. You probably will experience a fake it until you make it type of a mindset here, but it really is fake it until you make it, because if you actually embody how you want to show up and being more confident, then you will be more confident. It just is a kind of cyclical thing.

Then the last strategy I have is to live in the present. Now, this doesn't mean that we don't feel all the feelings. We need to feel all the feelings and the disappointments of the past, actually process through those feelings, and then just be present at the moment and know that what anybody has ever said about you in the past is in the past, and it doesn't have to have a hold on you. Those are my three strategies for boosting your confidence.

Now you know the one underlying belief that is keeping you from confidence, as well as how to gain it back. Now I want to hear from you guys. I want to hear your story below of how you regained your confidence, so please leave a comment in the comment section. If you'd like one-on-one help with your confidence, so you can become the powerhouse assistant you want to be, and you're curious whether or not working with me in a coaching capacity is right for you, please email me at annieatwholeassistant.com or schedule your free 20-minute discovery call. The link is below this video. To continue this discussion and receive support from your fellow assistants, please head on over to facebook.com/groups/wholeassistant to join our assistants only community. If you liked this episode, please let me know by hitting the like button below. Also, be sure to subscribe and share this video with your fellow assistants and administrative professionals. Last but not least, if this video has helped you in any way, I want to know about it, so please leave a comment below sharing how.

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