Is The Need For Recognition Holding You Back?


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Are you constantly bummed out because your executive and colleagues don't give you the recognition you think you deserve? Well, stay tuned. I'm about to share with you the surprising fix to this problem. It's not what you think. I can almost guarantee it. Assistants, if you would like more transformational strategies geared towards you, please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when my weekly episodes go live.

I'm Annie Croner of In this season of The Whole Assistant Show, I'm breaking down common myths we as assistants need to overcome in order to uplevel our careers and our lives. On this episode of The Whole Assistant Show, I'll break down why you might be seeking recognition, as well as how to respond when the accolades don't come rolling in.

There are two main reasons why you might...

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self care Nov 07, 2019

Less than a week ago we celebrated Halloween here in the US. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a long time, however, there’s something about wanting to make the most of every minute of pregnancy that made me want to dress up this year.

3 Strategies for Maintaining Your Sanity Through the Holidays

Check out my expectant mother costume:

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. Regardless of your enthusiasm for the holidays, I’d like to encourage you to take care of yourself through this season of festivities and increased demands. As assistants, we instinctively put everyone else first. Please check out this video full of strategies for how to carve out time for yourself amidst the chaos of the holidays:

Check out the Video:

One final note, my pregnancy will be at term in two weeks! Which means 2 things:

  1. There will be one last Resource Corner post next week and no further posts through the end of November. Be sure to check the blog in December for the most popular posts of 2019.

  2. I will be announcing...

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career advice self care Apr 18, 2019

I think we have all been there. We have all found ourselves, at one time or another, in a position where we feel undervalued, underutilized, and unheard. It’s not fun!

Nearly 6 years ago, I survived a life-threatening health situation. I won’t go into the details because they are not important here. After weeks of leave, I returned to work anxious to get back to my normal routine. I was still in the recovery process (a process I was told could take up to a year) and my boss didn’t handle the situation well at all.

How to Deal with Feeling Undervalued

I was demoted and told that I was no longer worth what the company was paying me. I was also informed that despite my hard work for several months prior, I would be denied my bonus. None of this was my fault. I had just survived a traumatic medical event. There was nothing I could do, and yet this was my reality.

During the weeks and months that followed, my boss made my life miserable in an attempt to get me to quit. Retaliation anyone? She knew she...

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career advice self care Apr 11, 2019

I have to admit this post is a little off-brand for me. I typically keep things unwaveringly positive with a “You’ve got this!” attitude. While I will likely arrive there by the end of this post, I also believe in growth. I believe, from time to time, we need those around us to address blind spots that are keeping us from our true potential. This is one of those times and one of “those” types of posts.

For those among us who frequently use the phrase, “It’s above my pay-grade”, it’s time we had a little chat.

First of all, let me just say that I get where you’re coming from. In the past, I’ve even been guilty of using this phrase. I was overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on something new and generally speaking the things that were being asked of me would be better handled by someone else. Someone with more experience. Someone with more seniority. Someone other than me with “more” than me.

In retrospect,...

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office dynamics self care Feb 07, 2019

Have you ever had a work bestie who was truly trustworthy? Michelle, my work bestie from a few positions ago, was that friend for me. She was a great listener which came in handy for working out problems, both professionally and personally. I knew I could trust her not to repeat what was shared in confidence, and I’d like to think she could trust me also. She possessed a kindness and way about her that made her honesty digestible. That’s not to say that she was a pushover. As a military veteran, several executives we worked with held a respectable fear of her. Most of all, Michelle always did exactly what she said she would do. We are friends to this day because she was, and still is, the epitome of trustworthy.

How to Exude Trustworthiness

If you are hoping to increase trust with your executive and colleagues then it goes without saying that being trustworthy is a must. Webster defines the word trustworthy as, “Worthy of confidence.” As assistants, we can’t effectively do our...

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productivity self care Jan 17, 2019

Happy New Year everyone! My last post of 2018 was all about goal setting and the method I used to crush my goals during the last half of the year. In the same vein, I thought I would start out 2019 with a two-part series on how to create healthy habits in your personal life and break some bad ones in your work life.

Habits are a double-edged sword. Bad habits can form without us even being aware of what’s happening. If you’re anything like me it only takes a little stress and one bag of cookies to prove this. Good habits seem hard to form as, in most cases, you have to unravel an unhealthy habit in order to create the new healthier one.

 How to Create and Keep Healthy Habits

So why take the time and effort to form healthy habits at all?

Our brains love familiarity and routine. When we create healthy habits our brain will cue healthy things on autopilot. For example, I made the choice to start making my bed every day. It was kind of a drag at first but once I developed the habit, I literally...

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self care Jul 31, 2018

Let me start by saying that what I’m about to share with you has been years in the making. I didn’t wake up one day and decide to do all of this all at once. As with many other things in life, this routine evolved over time. Like I say in my “About” page, take what you need. If I share something below that resonates with you, great! If not, then I hope at the very least this post will inspire you to thoughtfully consider whether or not there are tweaks you can make to your own morning routine that will help you to start your day feeling empowered and on top of your game.

How to Create a Morning Routine for Kick-Ass Days

1.   I wake up early… like 5:00 or 5:30 early.

I’ve always been a morning person. It’s when I do my best thinking and am the most productive. On workout days, I’ll do circuit training, yoga, or go for a run. On the other days, I jumpstart my day with writing or planning this blog. I realize not everybody operates the way I do, but getting up early gives me...

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self care Jul 24, 2018

In my post last week, “Three Reasons Why Assistants Need to Be On Time and One Reason Why It's Okay Not To Be,” I discussed how you may be unknowingly sabotaging your career if you are constantly late. This week, I’m going to share with you what my after-dinner routine looks like, and how it plays a key role in my success the next day. If being on time to work in the morning is an issue for you, pay particular attention. Developing an evening routine, like the one I’m about to share with you, will assist you in arriving to work on time.

How to Create an Evening Routine for Better Mornings

Regardless of whether or not you struggle with tardiness, a routine with the below elements will not only prepare you for the next morning, it will also help you finish out your day feeling accomplished, calm, and at peace. 

1. Prepare the next day’s lunch(es)

After dinner is cleaned up, I go ahead and prepare my lunch for the next day. I also pull together all snacks I think I may want. I find if I wait to...

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self care Jun 06, 2018

It all came to a head while sitting in my therapist’s office regurgitating everything that happened over the last week. I was bordering burnout. My loving husband was out of town for the entire week, meaning that the home duties of making sure everyone was fed and where they need to be fell on my shoulders. Having been on a business trip the previous week with plans to head on vacation the following week, my exec had a crazy schedule and a lot of unforeseen demands. His wife, an artist who I work with from time to time, needed help with the logistics of planning an upcoming show. I had worked long, LONG hours and I was beyond exhaustion. As I began working through the events of that week with my therapist it began to dawn on me that I had done this to myself. It wasn’t all at once, but slowly over time.

I love being an executive assistant; I really really do! Unfortunately, with my “go get ‘em, I’m-going-to-win-at-this” attitude, and my love for...

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