career advice Jul 10, 2018

What does it take to be an indispensable, well-paid assistant?

The truth is it takes many things. The skillsets required to be an indispensable assistant are as varied as the executives we support. Due to personality, work style and industry, every executive will require something different from his assistant. This is what makes our work as EAs and PAs so exciting and rewarding! The possibilities are endless. If we are conscious of it, we can steer our careers in any direction we like. If we don’t particularly care for a certain industry or work style we can simply take the lessons we’ve learned and apply them to a position better suited for us.

What it Takes to Be An Indispensable Assistant

If you want to be sought after and have your pick of positions, listen up! Over the course of my career, I’ve discovered a handful of characteristics without which it will be impossible to advance, gain respect, and earn a higher salary.

More often than not, I’ve witnessed assistants accept their low paying, no respect jobs as “just the way it is.” For many years I looked at the crappy jobs I had in the exact same way. If you feel like I just described you and you are done with being a doormat then "4 Secrets of a Kickass Assistant" is for you. This guide will help you to learn what sets indispensable assistants apart from mediocre ones, will help you learn how to impress your boss and get paid more, and walk away with actionable takeaways you’ll be able to implement immediately.

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