career advice Jan 09, 2020

One of my goals for 2020 is to improve my networking skills in an authentic way. In today’s Stories From The Frontlines post, I sit down with fellow assistant Sarah Stankevitz to chat about the qualities and mindset shift necessary to see your network grow in an honest and genuine way.

Stories from the Frontlines: How to Make Networking Easy

Whether it’s a meeting with our executive or a cold call attempt to sell something, I’m sure we’ve all had an experience where someone tried to “network” with us that left us feeling walked over and used. I used to fear reaching out to people to expand my network because I didn’t want people to view me this way. As I’ve grown in this area I’ve begun to realize this fear is irrational and is holding me back. As I’ve chosen to set this fear aside, I’ve noticed my network begin to grow along with my sphere of influence and ability to genuinely help people. I believe this transformation is available to us all!

I was intentional in my choice to interview Sarah for this post because of her easy-going nature and genuine interest in others. She naturally makes people feel at ease around her and her enthusiasm for helping others is palpable. 

Check out the Interview:

More about Sarah:

As mentioned in the video, Sarah, along with fellow assistant and founder of Tips For Assistants, Christina Holzhauser, founded APN (Administrative Professionals Network) Denver, a networking group that brings administrative professionals in the Denver metro area together. If you’re interested in checking out APN Denver please reach out to Sarah via LinkedIn.

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