career advice Oct 25, 2018

We have all been there. Falsely accused of something we didn’t do or taking things a little too personally. Or perhaps we made a mistake in a string of mistakes and are looking for someone to offload blame. Regardless of the situation, we have all, at one time or another gotten defensive.

Own Your Mistakes: How Being Defensive Will Ruin Your Career

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Over time, getting defensive can kill your career by…

  1. Showing an unteachable attitude.


  2. Laying blame on others.


  3. Getting defensive compounds the initial issue or mistake.


  4. Getting defensive inhibits our ability to listen and hear what we are actually being confronted with.


  5. Getting defensive can halt our growth.


When you mess up, fess up. This shows character and most of all integrity. I had a boss once who left the company, effectively putting me out of a job. She gave me an amazing referral which was the primary reason I got the job I’m in today. Integrity is a hot commodity! Not a lot of people have it so set yourself apart by displaying it.

Here’s the thing: I made the most massive mistake I have ever made working for this woman. I owned it, ALL OF IT, and it served to strengthen our relationship and build trust. I didn’t wait for her to discover the mistake on her own. I told her immediately about it.  She was impressed! We often fear the worst outcomes when we screw up but you can actually increase trust if you own your mistakes.

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