introducing The only program you'll ever need to...

Make a bigger impact in your executive assistant role.

It's time to stop playing small, unleash your inner powerhouse, and create a career you love.


Ever feel like something's missing from your executive assistant position?

You want to show up and make a difference but most days you:

  • Feel put into a box. You know you can contribute so much more but you don't know where to start.
  • End up mindlessly¬†going through the motions only to wonder at the end of the day what actually got done, or if you actually made a difference.¬†
  • Want to speak up but instead you second guess yourself and stay silent.
  • Realize there are ways to work more efficiently and effectively but you feel stuck in the same old patterns.

The Leveled-Up Assistant will help you create a career you truly deserve... One that lights you up and excites you!

Maximize your influence in just a few hours a month. 


Garner the respect of your executive, colleagues, and key stakeholders.

Streamline your processes and strategically get more time back in your day.

Find alignment with your executive and stop second-guessing yourself.

Define what success looks like for you & create a career you love.

Be fully present and invested at work & fully unplugged when you're off.

Say goodbye to outdated strategies. Transform your mindset for lasting change.


Transforming organizations by helping assistants optimize their impact.

we've guided hundreds of assistants in companies like...


Enrollment Opens in September. 

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"Annie helped me realign my career and restore my confidence. I'm now more intentional in my actions and focus on the right things at the right time."

Cristina H. | Executive Assistant | Everett, WA

"I’ve been an EA for a long time and I was surprised by how much I learned. The Leveled-Up Assistant was a great experience and I’m glad I signed up!"

Robin S. | C-Suite Executive Assistant | Eugene,OR

"The Leveled-Up Assistant sharpened my focus on things I can control. I was pleasantly surprised by my newfound sense of fulfillment, along with my enhanced ability to navigate challenges with grace."

Catherine P. | Executive Assistant | Los Angeles, CA

"It was so helpful to receive training & coaching in a focused and professional environment. I no longer feel like I’m alone in the challenges I face as an EA."

Kara P. | Senior Executive Assistant | Helena, MT


The Leveled-Up Assistant

The role of executive assistant is evolving.
Are you evolving with it?


Gain access to weekly hour-long sessions where you will...

Receive specialized training from top experts.

Stay relevant and up to date through cutting-edge training with today's top experts.

Leverage industry-leading group coaching. 

Get the support you deserve from executive assistant coach, Annie Croner.

Collaborate with other high performing assistants.

Get out of your silo and get feedback on our designated collaboration calls.

Can't make a session live? No problem!

All replays will be made available. Think of it as Netflix for your executive assistant career.

looking for training on a specific topic?
you'll have 6 month access to all previous training sessions via
The learning lounge.


The Process


Get clear on your values.

Your values are your north star. In order to make a bigger impact, and design a career you love, you'll need clarity on what matters most.


Set intentional & strategic goals.

Your goals are your metrics for success. You will set goals that will require you to stretch and grow, but still feel doable.


Refine your systems & processes.

Your systems and processes are the "secret sauce" for lasting impact. If you want to land in the, "BEST ASSISTANT EVER" category you'll have to uncover what's working and improve what's not.


Show up for your success.

Attending the weekly hour-long calls is how you'll stay on track.

Calls will fall into 1 of 3 categories, training, coaching, & collaboration.

Can't make a call live? No problem! All calls will be recorded for your convenience.


Enroll today to secure these bonuses:

Bonus #1

Lifetime access to Ultimate Time Management for Assistants

My signature productivity course designed specifically for you.

Valued at $250

Bonus #2 

Be one of the first 5 to register & gain access to a bonus career mapping session.

Find clarity on where your career is headed. Act fast! There are only 5 seats available.

Valued at $300.

Bonus #3

Get $200 off when you pay in full

Maximize your savings even further with this pay-in-full bonus.

That's $200 back in your pocket.


TLUA is for you if:

  • You want to get out of the weeds, streamline your processes, and¬†show up more strategically
  • You want to stay on top of your game, say¬†goodbye to outdated strategies, and create lasting change
  • You want to discover your unique path to success, embrace your badassery, and create a career you love

TLUA isn't for you if:

  • You're okay with the status quo¬†and don't want to explore what's possible
  • You're unwilling to invest a few hours per month in your personal and professional growth
  • You don't want to challenge yourself and are looking for someone to pet your demons¬†

Frequently Asked Questions

It's time to be done with bandaid fixes and the stress of always feeling one step behind.

Leverage 2-3 hours per month to gain 10-20

With a minimal time investment you'll discover how to get out of the weeds, focus on the right things, and create an intentional plan of action that will give you valuable time back.

Stop playing small and start making a difference

You deserve to feel confident in your role and to make a real impact. Identify how to stop second guessing yourself and begin to show up as a truly strategic business partner.

Embrace new ways of thinking for lasting success

Mindset work isn't a lot of "fluff". The reason you've hit a ceiling is largely due to what's happening between your ears. Discover simple mindset shifts that will have you showing up like a boss.


Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Annie

I do things differently.

I don't believe you have to sacrifice your values, personal time, or well-being in order to achieve high levels of success and have a career you love.

I've worked for over 20+ years as an executive assistant for boutique companies across multiple industries including accounting, marketing, nonprofit, private wealth management, and venture capital. Working in a variety of settings has led to a diverse understanding of the assistant role.

I'm also a certified coach and trainer. I help my clients unleash their badassery, elevate their careers, and find greater fulfillment in their roles.

I've designed The Leveled-Up Assistant in a way that will help you:

  • Discover how to master your time, not just manage it.
  • Position yourself as an indispensable strategic business partner to your executive.
  • Unleash your inner badassery and revolutionize how you approach your executive assistant role.

And the best part? You'll be able to accomplish all of this in just a few short hours per month.

Enrollment Opens in September.

Join the waitlist to receive early VIP access.