Help Your Executive Find Clarity

{So You Can Too}

If your executive isn't clear on their priorities, how can you expect to be?

 Mark your calendar: Thursday, December  7 at 2:00 CST.


Let's do this!

Here's what we'll cover:

Why your executive fails to prioritize

Understanding why your executive does what she does is the first step in addressing it. 

1 vital conversation you need to have

Not only will having this conversation help your executive (and you) find clarity, it will also strengthen your partnership.

How to hold your executive accountable

I'll give you strategies and tactics to keep your executive on track.


Thursday Dec. 7, 2:00 CST


  • Live hour-long training
  • 6 month access to the replay
  • Cheatsheet - Unlock Your Executive's Priorities¬†

*No refunds will be given. The link to a replay, along with all supporting materials, will be sent to all who register.

Meet your host

Hi, I'm Annie Croner.

I've been an executive assistant for 20 years, and one thing has held true throughout my career... Most executives don't know how to prioritize.

They feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and are frantically running around, playing whack-a-mole, and making your life more *ahem* interesting.

Through much trial and error, I've uncovered a way to help your executive find clarity on his priorities. 

Not only does this system work, it will also strengthen your partnership and reduce stress... for both of you.

Let's do this!